autumn winter *23 – *24


care for details

We have always thought that you feel better when wearing nice clothes.
Our collections are based on accurate research for the finest genuine raw materials.
They include few garments with a feminine, delicate allure, fully made in Italy in craft workshops, where experienced female hands manufacture our apparel items with painstaking attention to detail in order to make them unique and unparalleled.

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eh_unannofa is our new project.
We strongly believe that excellent quality lasts a lifetime.
This is the key to our new concept – reproducing garments from our previous collection, manufacturing them out of our fabric stock.
This is a great idea to avoid waste by recovering, recycling and making our apparel accessible to more customers!
You can find ageless style and never outdated quality in our online shop.
Our strictly Made-in-Italy garments are manufactured with prime raw materials at extra-appealing prices.


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